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Come In From The Field

Leviticus 17:9 – [If a man kills an animal for sacrifice in the field] and doesn`t bring it to the door of the tent of meeting, to sacrifice it to Yahweh; that man shall be cut off from his people.

Humans are funny creatures.  We always like to do things our own way in our own space.  In this verse the Lord preempts a situation that He knows will develop – people will start to say ‘why do I have to bring my sacrifice to the tent of meeting – surely I can sacrifice to God out here in the field, and he will accept it’. 

Yet the one who sacrificed to God out in the field, rather than at the tent of meeting was to be cut off from Israel.  God took his ordinances and commandments seriously, and expected Israel to abide by them.  He also had things in place – the sacrifice at the tent of meeting helped keep the priesthood fed and running and ensured that continual worship and prayer was being offered to God in the tabernacle.  It brought all Israel together, and reminded them that there was only ONE altar – not many. 

There is a similar situation today, where people say ‘why do I have to go to church to worship God?  I can do it just as well at home or at the beach’.  What they fail to realise is that they are part of something that is much bigger than just themselves.  They are no longer individuals but members of a body – and the body needs to be together to function. 

There are many seemingly sensible reasons as to why one would sacrifice in the field.  But God has his commands – and His reasons for putting His command in place.  When we put our protests to one side and humbly obey him, we start to walk in His blessing.

Washed And Clothed

Leviticus 8:6 – Moses brought Aaron and his sons, and washed them with water.  He put on him the coat, and girded him with the sash, and clothed him with the robe, and put the ephod on him, and he girded him with the skillfully woven band of the ephod, and bound it to him therewith.

When the Lord set Aaron and his sons apart as priests, a number of ceremonial actions were performed.  The first two of these were that they were ‘washed with water’ and ‘clothed with priestly garments’. 

In this is a picture of the two baptisms – the baptism of water – symbolic of repentance, and the baptism of fire – symbolic of the Holy Spirit. 

We are made clean by the water of repentance, and being washed by the Word of God.  Jesus said You are already pruned clean because of the word which I have spoken to you’.  Then the power of the Holy Spirit clothes us and empowers us to walk not only as sons, but as priests before God. 

The all over washing happened only once – at their commissioning.  But afterwards, the priests would continue to return to the laver of water and wash themselves clean.  They would continue to wear the robes given to them as they went about their priestly duties. 

Like them, each day we must come to the water of God’s word – and be cleansed and purified by what He says.  Then we must put on the garments of power that He has given to us – which speaks of encountering the presence of the Holy Spirit. 

As we do this we will be equipped for every good work that He has prepared beforehand for us to walk in!