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A Picture Of Jesus

Jeremiah 31:38-39 – Behold, the days come, says Yahweh, that the city shall be built to Yahweh from the tower of Hananel to the gate of the corner. The measuring line shall go out further straight onward to the hill Gareb, and shall turn about to Goah.

There are often remarkable revelations hidden away in the Scripture that aren’t obvious on the first read.  These two verses are a great example of this. 

The Lord speaks to Jeremiah and says that the city of Jerusalem, will be rebuilt – and it will be bigger than it currently is.  This prophecy was fufilled in the time of Nehemiah.

But there’s another picture to be uncovered. 

Hananel means ‘God favoured’, or the ‘grace of God’.  The city will be built from here to the corner, and then on to Gareb.  Gareb means ‘suffering’ and some commentators take it as referring to the hill of Calvary – where Jesus was crucified.  Finally it turns about to Goah – meaning ‘to cry out’. 

In these four places we see the life and ministry of Jesus Christ.  He is the ‘grace of God’ – He is the ‘cornerstone’ – He was the one who ‘suffered’ and He is the one who now ‘cries out and intercedes on our behalf’.