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Exodus 1:12 – But the more they afflicted them, the more they multiplied and the more they spread out.

When the Israelites were living in Egypt, they were put to forced labor.  Not only this, but their work was made incredibly difficult.  It was a real time of hardship.

Yet in this hardship, the nation of Israel experienced stunning growth.  The Egyptians continued to afflict them, but the more they did – the Israelites grew in number and spread out further across the land. 

We all suffer afflictions in life – and we can allow them to break us or make us.  God’s plan for us is that we would grow continually and in all seasons.  When things are good – we grow.  When things are difficult – we keep growing. 

What can the devil do with a Christian that continues to grow no matter what is thrown at him?  We move to a place where we become unstoppable!

Paid For What You Love

Exodus 2:9 – Pharaoh’s daughter said to her, "Take this child away, and nurse him for me, and I will give you your wages." The woman took the child, and nursed it.

Moses was born in a time when the Egyptian ruler, the Pharaoh, commanded that all the Hebrew baby boys under the age of 2 should be killed.  His mother hid him for as long as she could – but then the time came when she could hold him no longer.  She built a little boat out of reeds for him, and left him on the banks of the river Nile – in the hands of God.

The daughter of Pharaoh finds him, and takes him as her own son.  Then through a sequence of events, Moses’ mother ends up being paid to nurse her own child!  

There are things that are so precious and valuable to us that we can have a very hard time letting go of them.  But when we let things go, God has a way of bringing them around to even greater blessing!

Today Is The Day!

Exodus 8:9-10 – “Moses said to Pharaoh, "I give you the honor of setting the time that I should pray for you, and for your servants, and for your people, that the frogs be destroyed from you and your houses, and remain in the river only.  He said, "Tomorrow."”

Tomorrow!  Tomorrow?!

Pharaoh has been undergoing some rough times because of his unwillingness to let the people of Israel go.  Right now, he’s face to face with the one man who can solve his problems and remove his difficulties – Moses. 

Moses asks him ‘when would you like me to pray for you – to see these curses removed from your midst?’.  Pharaoh replies – “do it tomorrow”. 

Those with hard hearts don’t want to see God move now – they’re happy to wait until tomorrow.  But TODAY is the day of salvation!  Right now is when God wants to move!  Today, you have the opportunity to come before God and ask anything that you need.  Don’t leave it till tomorrow – do it today!

The Waiting Game

Exodus 32:1 – When the people saw that Moses delayed to come down from the mountain, the people gathered themselves together to Aaron, and said to him, "Come, make us gods, which shall go before us; for as for this Moses, the man who brought us up out of the land of Egypt, we don`t know what has become of him.”

There are many accounts in the Bible when God has His people wait.  And in almost every situation, we see that the people become impatient, and then start to try to find their own way forward!

Moses delayed coming down from the mountain, and the next thing is that the people gathered around Aaron ? the second-in-command. 

Aaron had an important role, but it wasn’t to lead the nation of Israel.  With God’s appointed leadership missing, they quickly returned to the ways that they had left behind. 

All of this was revealed because God made them wait.  Sometimes God will delay in situations to reveal to us what’s in our heart.  It’s for this reason that patience and perseverance are hallmarks of the true Christian life! 

At Arms Length

Exodus 20:21 – The people stayed at a distance, and Moses drew near to the thick darkness where God was.

The presence and power of God was awesomely displayed on Mount Sinai for all the Israelites to see – along with an invitation to draw near to Him.  The people were afraid but Moses told them that God was waiting to meet them, and that they must overcome their fear, and come closer. 

Yet, we read here that the people stayed at a distance – and it was only Moses who drew near to where God was. 
In many ways, it’s exactly the same today.  We know that we have open and unfettered access to God.  Yet the path to where He dwells can sometimes look intimidating.  So we become content to listen to the stories of those who, like Moses, do overcome their fear and draw near. 

But that person doesn’t have to be someone else.  God wants to speak to you.  He wants to work through you.  There’s a whole new life that God has for you – if you will overcome those things that hold you back, and draw near to the “thick darkness”. For dwelling within the thick darkness is One of immense glory and beauty! 

Don’t hold back – He’s worth it!

Building A Temple

Exodus 35:11 – the tent, its outer covering, its roof, its clasps, its boards, its bars, its pillars, and its sockets;

Exodus 35 is a chapter that goes into great detail about the building of the tabernacle in the wilderness – the place of meeting with God.  Often when we read the Bible the temptation is to skip over these kinds of sections, as there seems to be quite a bit of repetition! 

But there was a particular order in which they constructed the tabernacle.  It started with the outward covering of the tent, followed by the ark and the mercy seat in the Holy of Holies, then the table, menorah, and altar of incense in the Holy Place, then then brazen altar in the outer court, and finally the wall around the outer court, and the garments for the priests. 

So what this means is that following the tent being constructed, it was built from the Holy of Holies outward.  The Lord commands men everywhere to repent.  This initial act can be likened to the building of the tent.  But then the tent is filled and constructed from the Holy of Holies – speaking of the righteousness that comes from the heart, moving out throughout every part of our lives as we are set apart as priests and ministers to God.