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“The Myth Of Multitasking”

“The Myth Of Multitasking” – Dave Crenshaw

This easy read from Dave Crenshaw looks at multitasking and just how effective it is… or isn’t.  Written in a narrative, story-like style, I polished this book off in a morning.

Dave renames ‘multitasking’ as ‘taskswitching’ and gives some powerful and simple exercises to demonstrate the time loss that takes place every time we switch tasks.  He also gives practical tips to reduce interruptions – such as the setting up of regular meetings with people who report directly to you.

I’d recommend it for anyone who’s new to time management, and who is looking for some simple, practical ways to bring their time under control.

“7 Big Things That Make Life Work”

“7 Big Things That Make Life Work” – Ps Phil Pringle

Ps Phil Pringle is one of my favourite authors, especially when it comes to the subjects of faith and leadership.  But with “7 Big Things” Ps Phil takes more of a teaching approach, as he tackles the seven foundational teachings of Hebrews 6 – repentance, faith, baptisms, spiritual gifts, laying on of hands, resurrection of the dead, and eternal judgment.  Naturally, I enjoyed the chapters on faith and laying on of hands the most, but there was some great insights in the other chapters too.

This would be a really good book to give a new Christian, as it answers often-asked questions about Christian doctrine, as well as pointing to some key areas that need to be addressed in the lives of believers so that they can grow into all that God has called them to be.

Top 5 Quotes from “7 Big Things That Make Life Work”
* Mature people show great attitude when they’re “adjusted”. The ability to accept correction is the doorway to progress.

* Repentance is the doorway. Faith is the living room

* Both faith and fear use the imagination.

* In our own power, we will never represent Christ properly. He operated in a supernatural power and He never authorized any of us to do ministry any differently.

* The definition of faithfulness, from God’s point of view, isn’t simply that you continue to follow Christ throughout your life, but that you are profitable with the gifts that He has given you.

“The Necessity Of Prayer”

“The Necessity Of Prayer” – EM Bounds

I’d only vaguely heard of E.M. Bounds before I read this book, but once I started reading I simply couldn’t put it down.  Written a century ago, you can tell that Bounds is not just a man with a theology on prayer, but a man who has experienced the true reality of the presence of God.

“The Necessity Of Prayer” is inspiring, relevant, and very, very challenging!  If your heart’s desire is for God to use you to powerfully impact the world around you – then this book is a must-read.  Get ready to burn!!

Top 5 Quotes From “The Necessity Of Prayer”
* The men of olden times who wrought well in prayer, who brought the largest things to pass, who moved God to do great things, were those who were entirely given over to God in their praying.

* Religion has to do with everything but our hearts.  It engages our hands and our feet, it takes hold of our voices, it lays its hands on our money, it affects even the postures of our bodies, but it does not take hold of our affections, our desires, our zeal, and make us serious, desperately in earnest, and cause us to be quiet and worshipful in the presence of God.

* Enthusiasm is more active than faith, though it cannot move mountains nor call into action any of the omnipotent forces which faith can command.

* It may be repeated that small results, a low experience, a low religious life, and pointless, powerless preaching always flow from a lack of grace.  And a lack of grace flows from a lack of praying.

* It takes more of the power of the Spirit to make the farm, the home, the office, the store, the shop holy than it does to make the Church holy.  It takes more of the power of the Spirit to make Saturday holy than it does to make Sunday holy.  It takes more of the power of the Spirit to make money for God than it does to make a talk for God.  Much more to live a great life for God than preach a great sermon.

“Follow The Leader”

“Follow The Leader” – Simon McIntyre

I must have read hundreds of books on leadership over the course of my life. But this was the first book I’d ever read on ‘followership’, and I have to say – what a ripper it was! Simon has a very distinct, tongue-in-cheek way of writing which has you laughing as he then hits you with the self-evident truth.

This is a rare book that really does have application for everyone, everywhere. Not all of us are positional leaders, but all of us serve under leadership in some way or another. Simon addresses the reality of life under imperfect human leadership, and offers practical and wise solutions for the dilemmas we can find ourselves in. If you serve in a local church, you should read this book. If you have a boss in your workplace, you should read this book. If you are the boss… you should read this book!

Top 5 Quotes From “Follow The Leader”
* The problem is that in wanting to be something other than what we really are, we actually end up becoming less than we are (go figure!)

* A prevailing attitude in the Western world when working for someone else is to do as little as possible but extract as much as possible. While this attitude might be generally regarded as reasonable, it certainly isn’t acceptable to God.

* Progress and growth don’t stop us being who we are. Joseph started out administring his father’s sheep, and he ended up caring for the flock (people) of Pharoah. The situation and the scale changed but not the basic job description.

* Bad leaders have usually been bad followers

* I don’t look for perfection in a leader. What I do look for is reasonable consistency, the ability to admit mistakes, the courage to get up and get on with it again, and most of all, the ability to lead.

“Staying Power”

“Staying Power” – Wayne Peat

I love books that are written by pastors, for pastors.  Church leadership is certainly not for the faint hearted, and there’s an overwhelming number of pastors who look great on the starting line but never make it to the end.

In his book “Staying Power”, Wayne hits at the heart of the key issues that church leaders need to consider if they want to stay in it for the long term.  With over 30 years in church ministry, Wayne knows what he’s talking about.  Some of the topics “Staying Power” deals with include personal security, how to handle criticism, getting the family/ministry balance right, and the importance of personal mentoring.

Filled with stories, insights, and practical, down-to-earth wisdom, I highly recommend this book for those in, or contemplating, senior church leadership.

Top 5 Quotes From “Staying Power”

* True security in identity is found in who we are in Christ.  It is not found in what we do for Him.

 * Leadership is not something that should bring with it an expectation of personal entitlement.  It should instead inspire a sense of personal responsibilty that ensures the good stewardship of the gift entrusted to you.
* While at times the family may make sacrifices for ministry, I do not believe that God calls us to sacrifice family for the sake of ministry.
Genuine faith sooner or later reveals itself by internal subjective presence.  You can feel it.
So many quit, thinking they are at the edge of their limits when in fact they are at the edge of their breakthrough.