“7 Big Things That Make Life Work”

“7 Big Things That Make Life Work” – Ps Phil Pringle


Ps Phil Pringle is one of my favourite authors, especially when it comes to the subjects of faith and leadership.  But with “7 Big Things” Ps Phil takes more of a teaching approach, as he tackles the seven foundational teachings of Hebrews 6 – repentance, faith, baptisms, spiritual gifts, laying on of hands, resurrection of the dead, and eternal judgment.  Naturally, I enjoyed the chapters on faith and laying on of hands the most, but there was some great insights in the other chapters too.

This would be a really good book to give a new Christian, as it answers often-asked questions about Christian doctrine, as well as pointing to some key areas that need to be addressed in the lives of believers so that they can grow into all that God has called them to be.

Top 5 Quotes from “7 Big Things That Make Life Work”
* Mature people show great attitude when they’re “adjusted”. The ability to accept correction is the doorway to progress.

* Repentance is the doorway. Faith is the living room

* Both faith and fear use the imagination.

* In our own power, we will never represent Christ properly. He operated in a supernatural power and He never authorized any of us to do ministry any differently.

* The definition of faithfulness, from God’s point of view, isn’t simply that you continue to follow Christ throughout your life, but that you are profitable with the gifts that He has given you.

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