“Follow The Leader”

“Follow The Leader” – Simon McIntyre


I must have read hundreds of books on leadership over the course of my life. But this was the first book I’d ever read on ‘followership’, and I have to say – what a ripper it was! Simon has a very distinct, tongue-in-cheek way of writing which has you laughing as he then hits you with the self-evident truth.

This is a rare book that really does have application for everyone, everywhere. Not all of us are positional leaders, but all of us serve under leadership in some way or another. Simon addresses the reality of life under imperfect human leadership, and offers practical and wise solutions for the dilemmas we can find ourselves in. If you serve in a local church, you should read this book. If you have a boss in your workplace, you should read this book. If you are the boss… you should read this book!

Top 5 Quotes From “Follow The Leader”
* The problem is that in wanting to be something other than what we really are, we actually end up becoming less than we are (go figure!)

* A prevailing attitude in the Western world when working for someone else is to do as little as possible but extract as much as possible. While this attitude might be generally regarded as reasonable, it certainly isn’t acceptable to God.

* Progress and growth don’t stop us being who we are. Joseph started out administring his father’s sheep, and he ended up caring for the flock (people) of Pharoah. The situation and the scale changed but not the basic job description.

* Bad leaders have usually been bad followers

* I don’t look for perfection in a leader. What I do look for is reasonable consistency, the ability to admit mistakes, the courage to get up and get on with it again, and most of all, the ability to lead.

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