“Staying Power”

“Staying Power” – Wayne Peat


I love books that are written by pastors, for pastors.  Church leadership is certainly not for the faint hearted, and there’s an overwhelming number of pastors who look great on the starting line but never make it to the end.

In his book “Staying Power”, Wayne hits at the heart of the key issues that church leaders need to consider if they want to stay in it for the long term.  With over 30 years in church ministry, Wayne knows what he’s talking about.  Some of the topics “Staying Power” deals with include personal security, how to handle criticism, getting the family/ministry balance right, and the importance of personal mentoring.

Filled with stories, insights, and practical, down-to-earth wisdom, I highly recommend this book for those in, or contemplating, senior church leadership.

Top 5 Quotes From “Staying Power”

* True security in identity is found in who we are in Christ.  It is not found in what we do for Him.

 * Leadership is not something that should bring with it an expectation of personal entitlement.  It should instead inspire a sense of personal responsibilty that ensures the good stewardship of the gift entrusted to you.
* While at times the family may make sacrifices for ministry, I do not believe that God calls us to sacrifice family for the sake of ministry.
Genuine faith sooner or later reveals itself by internal subjective presence.  You can feel it.
So many quit, thinking they are at the edge of their limits when in fact they are at the edge of their breakthrough.

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