Getting A Bad Reputation

Proverbs 25:9-10 – Debate your case with your neighbor, and don’t betray the confidence of another; lest one who hears it put you to shame, and your bad reputation never depart.

We are instructed in this verse to debate our case with our neighbour – to take up issues we have with others directly. 

It can be tempting to moan about the issues we have with someone to a third party.  But the Bible tells us ‘Don’t betray their confidence’.   Don’t talk about a person’s issues with other people. 


If we talk widely about problems we have with a person – then someone who hears it might put to us to shame.  We will become known as a gossip – and that reputation will be difficult to break. 

Keep it simple.  Deal directly with people causing you problems – don’t spread it around. 

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