The Spoils Go To The Temple

1 Chronicles 26:27 – Out of the spoil won in battles did they dedicate to repair the house of the Lord.

In this Old Testament passage, the house of the Lord was ‘repaired’ through some of the spoils won from the battles.  They recognised that it was God who had enabled them to win these battles, so part of the spoil rightly belonged to Him!

It works the same in our lives – the victories that we win our lives which are won through the strength and power of God help build our ‘temple’.  We get encouraged and built up through seeing God move victoriously in our lives.  It helps to ‘repair’ areas of damage or discouragement in our own temples.

It also serves to remind us to remember the Lord when we’ve won a battle.  How have we said thanks to him for all that He has done for us – not only in word but in deed?

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