A Bit Too Familiar

Matthew 13:57 – They were offended by him. But Jesus said to them, "A prophet is not without honour, except in his own country, and in his own house."

Jesus goes to preach in his ‘hometown’, but they couldn’t get over the fact that He had been the little boy who had grown up amongst them.  Because of their unbelief He was unable to do many miracles there. 

So he makes this statement – a prophet is honoured everywhere – except in his own country and amongst his own people.  We’re usually quick to honour people who come from other places, but how quick are we to honour those who live and minister among us? 

We can get so familiar with the gifts and abilities of others that we start to treat them with a second-rate attitude. 

Jesus will often speak to us through those who are closest to us.  If we get a familiar attitude with them, we can miss the voice of God. Let’s not be the kind of people who dishonour that which is close – but who honour the ones that we live with!

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