Transitioning Leadership

When David was drawing near to the end of his life, he put in place certain things to transition the kingdom to Solomon well.  As leaders, these are vital keys for us in the transition from one generation to the next. 

1 – David gave Solomon the vision and showed him his part in it and why he has been chosen (1 Chronicles 22:7-10).  David desired to build a temple for God – but he had been a man of bloodshed which precluded him from being able to build the holy temple.  But the Lord had promised that through his son, that the temple would be built. 

Upcoming leaders need to see the vision, see the part they have to play, and hear the voice of God calling them to it. 

2 – David prays for and blesses Solomon (1 Chronicles 22:11-13). To transition leadership, our heart must be for the next generation.  Our prayers and blessing must be put on them. 

3 – David shows him the materials he needs for the vision (1 Chr 22:14).  We must be able to show upcoming leaders what we have done, and what we have prepared for the future.  This prevents generations to come from rebuilding what has been built. 

4 – David shows him the relationships and workmen he needs for the vision (1 Chr 22:15).  The raw materials were only part of building the temple – Solomon needed the workmen and the relationships that had been set up in order for it to succeed. 

Upcoming leaders need to be brought into the relationships that the previous leader had, so that they may benefit from them. 

5 – David commissions Solomon to begin right away (1 Chr 22:16).  Smooth transition means that upcoming leaders get the chance to lead!  David’s command to Solomon was ‘arise and get on with it!’. 

6 – David commands the ‘old guard’ to come together under Solomon (1 Chr 22:17).  In order for a leadership transition to be successful, the ‘old guard’ of leaders must recognise and be prepared to work with the new leader.  If this isn’t clear, then division and political games can ensue. 

We will all need to transition leadership at some point in our lives – whether we’re training another person for a job we’ve done, or transitioning something we’ve been doing into the hands of the next generation.  David managed to pass the baton on, to such an extent that Solomon was able to go far beyond what David had ever achieved!

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