Crossing Over To Cheerfulness

1 Samuel 30:10 – But David pursued, he and four hundred men; for two hundred stayed behind, who were so faint that they couldn`t go over the brook Besor.

David and his men returned to their camp to discover that Amalakite raiders had taken all their wives, children, and possessions.  This was a huge blow, and they cried and wept until they could cry no more.  David then arose and took his men, and went after the raiders. 

Finally they came to a brook, Besor, and four hundred men crossed over, but two hundred remained, so grief-stricken that they were unable to find the strength.  But those who crossed over went on to success, and they recovered all that they had lost. 

There is a hidden lesson in this verse.  The brook’s name – Besor – means ‘cheerful’.  In order to recapture what had been lost, the men had to overcome their grief and cross over the ‘cheerful’ brook. 

It’s the same with us – our anguish and pain can prevent us from crossing that which will restore to us what we have lost.  But let’s be people who are cheerful and hopeful in the darkest situations – and who believe that our God can restore to us all that we have lost!

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