Worthy Of Your Calling

2 Thessalonians 1:11 – To this end we also pray always for you, that our God may count you worthy of your calling…

As I pondered this verse, I got a picture of a scrap yard full of rusted old cars. In life, our responsibility is to care for the ‘cars’ we come in contact with and help them get positioned for the process of restoration. But in all of it, there is only one ‘Restorer’. We ‘co-labour’ with God in the process – but ultimately it’s His process, not ours. No matter how beaten up and bad a car looks – we can know that if God considers it worthy of restoration – then it will be restored!

In practical terms, it means that we might look at different people and think ‘God could do a great work through that person’s life’ – but the truth is that change and growth will only take place when God gets involved. When God ‘counts a person worthy of His calling’ – then He begins a process in their life, which He begins, He oversees, He works on, and He brings to its definite and full conclusion! Hallelujah!

Yet through all this, Paul understood that although God’s intervention was required for a person to begin to grow in their calling – his prayers were still vital. In a sense, it’s almost like the children of God asking their Father ‘Dad, how about doing up this car’, ‘c’mon Dad… what about this one’? The will of God can be a mystery, but we must never underestimate our power as sons of God – able to approach our Father and ask for His intervention on any matter. In fact, He’s called and equipped us to do just that!

We’re surrounded by ‘cars’ – people – every day. Let’s be like Paul… praying always for them that God would ‘count them worthy of His calling’ –beginning and continuing the process of restoration in their lives that will be completed on the day Jesus returns!

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