Isaiah 8:12 – Don’t you say, "A conspiracy!" concerning all of which this people shall say, "A conspiracy!" neither fear you their fear, nor be in dread of it.

Under their current king, the house of David was making deals and entering into an alliance with Assyria.  Some of the Israelites thought it was a good thing, others were crying “conspiracy”! 

But regardless of what the people were saying – Isaiah has been instructed not to drop down to their level of fear and negative talk. 

When people start getting scared of what will take place, all kinds of fearful words can escape their mouths – words of gloom and misery.  But what’s important is that we don’t drop down to the level of those around us, but we maintain and hold on to what God has said.  God’s Word anchors us, and prevents us from being blown to and fro by every wind that comes through. 

If you’re around people who are stricken with fear today because of events that are happening or uncertain of their future – it’s your job as a priest not to leave them (or join them!) in that place, but instead to help lead them to a place where they can hear the Word of God.  Remind them of the promises of God – and of His faithfulness to those who love Him.  Move their faith from the sinking sand to a sure foundation. 

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