Walking In Faith

Matthew 21:22 – All things, whatever you will ask in prayer, believing, you will receive."

I find this to be one of the most exciting and inspiring verses in the entire Bible!  Imagine if we were able to take this as reality – that whatever we ask for in prayer, believing, that we would receive?  And yet that’s exactly what God wants us to do!

This verse is given in the context of Jesus talking about faith.  For the one who possesses faith – whatever they ask for from God, using that faith, they will receive.  Faith comes from hearing, and hearing from the word of God.  Continual exposure to the spoken and written word of God begins to open our ears to hear.  Once our ears are open, then we are in a position where faith starts to increase, because we are walking and hearing the voice of God continually. 

We must first possess faith – by KNOWING, being confident and assured of what the will of God is in a situation.  Then secondly, we must BELIEVE and not doubt.  Doubt makes faith impotent.  The belief is expressed through our actions – Peter KNEW he could walk on water if Jesus called to Him, and then he expressed his BELIEF by stepping out of the boat. 

If you look in your heart today you’ll discover that God would have given you faith for something.  Regardless of how big or small that thing might be – as you start to walk into it, you’ll find your faith begins to grow.  Little by little, the Lord wants us to grow in faith until those things that are great mountains are removed!

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