Thanks for dropping by!  This website is pretty much the place I put stuff that I think might be useful or helpful in some way.

MUSINGS  – Things that stand out to me as I study the Bible

MESSAGES – MP3’s and notes of messages that I preach at The River Christian Church and elsewhere

MEDIA – usually rants on AudioBoo or church promos on Vimeo

MOTIVATORS – Great quotes and insights from books and speakers

MYREVIEWS – Thoughts on books I’ve read and albums I’ve listened to.

Bless you heaps!


One thought on “Welcome”

  1. Blessings, Peter!

    In 2015, I started reading the Bible, cover-to-cover. I found MAKING time to read everyday was not easy, until I started getting up 30 minutes earlier. I discovered that my days went better and I was drawn closer to God, I was more willing to discuss my faith and I started Challenging others to read their entire Bible in one year………..EVERY year……..and to Challenge others to do the same.

    With all of us using the same reading plan (which I found in the back of my Devotional Bible), it’s an encouragement. Just knowing that others are reading the SAME passages, on the same day, made it easier to make the time.

    Now, for my predicament. Leap Day is RAPIDLY approaching and this reading plan does not account for Leap Day. Because of this, I did a Google search for ideas and came across one of your posts on Bible reading plans. (I even quoted the post – and gave the link – on my 1YearBibleChallenge facebook page).

    Should I just pretend this is school and give everyone a “free day”, and tell them to read whatever they want? Should I give them a Psalm or two to read? What about giving them a couple of chapters on salvation? I’d love your ideas on this.

    Please email me or instant message me on facebook.

    As Dr. J. Vernon McGee used to say, “May God richly Bless you, my Beloved”.


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